Re: B.1 and B.2 results

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>PS does anyone else have an opinion on this?
Yes, but note the time: some of us sleep during the period between midnight
and 6am!
You have to wait for us to catch up with the arguments, by which time you
and Gavin have normally exhausted them.

One thing that worries me is that any decisions taken by the XML community
are likely to be valid for less than one week! On 20th November the i18n
community is going to discuss internationalization of MIME headers. If they
decide that MIME headers need extending, and we have said that they should
be codes <127 then we might have egg on our faces. 

Incidentally note the use of "codes less than <127". US-ASCII does not fly
over this side of the pond. ISO-646:1991 might be more acceptable (this is
the ASCII conformant variant rather than the 1983 version referenced by
8879). If you want 8-bit code then it has to be LATIN-1 so that it is
compatible with the first 255 characters of 10646.

I would suggest we hold off on making a decision until we know the outcome
of the i18n meeting.

Martin Bryan

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