Re: Caveat Tag Salad (Was: some ERB decisions)

At 09:30 PM 10/20/96 -0700, Jon Bosak wrote:
>[Arjun Ray:]
>| A datapoint from, er, existing practice. 
>| [explicit support for overlapping elements] 
>This Netscape abomination is not accepted by the W3C and has been
>explicitly condemned by Microsoft's Internet Explorer designers, 
>So going forward, this is not even standard HTML practice.

It's never been part of standard practice. OTOH, would anyone care to
estimate how much of *existing* practice in "HTML" is *not* tag salad? :-)

At any rate, I'd still prefer a relatively strong way to obviate tag salad.
To my mind, empty endtags as an instance of minimization has always been the
wrong way to look at it, official terminology notwithstanding. Empty endtags
should be the rule, and named endtags the optional extra (with a clearcut
syntactic purpose.)

But with the ERB vote, I'll just say that IMHO expecting tag salad not to
happen regularly in popular usage is myopic, and drop the subject.