Re: ERB decisions on A.17, B.9, and other questions

[David Durand, beginning with a quote from Lee Quin:]

| >James mentioned the use of DSSSL, but I have not been assuming that
| >every XML implementation would be required to support DSSSL.
| >If they are, I'm out of here right now.
| A good point. We are going to have to specify (yechhhh!) how we (*shudder*)
| will attach cascading style sheets (^blarg^) to our XML documents. We may
| not ever get anything better in wide use.

CSS is not on the XML agenda.  There is no requirement that every XML
application support stylesheets, but ones that do support stylesheets
are expected to be using DSSSL for this purpose. See


where "public text and extensions needed to apply the DSSSL stylesheet
language" is listed as the third phase of this activity, scheduled for
completion in November 1997.