Re: Caveat Tag Salad (Was: some ERB decisions)

At 7:04 PM 10/20/96, Arjun Ray wrote:
>Not necessarily, or rather, this is *not* an argument for OMITTAG. It's
>actually a new kind of minimization (isn't SHORTTAG up for review
>anyway?:-)), i.e. a named endtag is shorthand for all, er, contextually
>required endtags and "expands" to the necessary number of anonymous endtags.
>With this rule, error recovery doesn't apply at all!

We old lisp hackers knew these as "super-parens". They never caught on, though.

I don't feel strongly about this, though you have some good points. The
major problem with empty end-tags is that they change people's habits from
HTML, which is not a big win. It also makes implementing Emacs modes
slightly less simple, I think.

I must say that after experience with SGML minimization, even this small
convenience makes me nervous. Given the nerves and the difference from
existing practice, I have to throw in a _no_ vote on empty end tags.

   Anyway tag salad can be very satisfying if the chef is good!

   -- David

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