Re: C.10 Allow nondeterministic content models?

> The "run it through perl and feed it to yacc" algorithm on the
> other hand does not benefit from the restriction at all (modulo 
> potential exponential blowups in pathological cases); but I've 
> never found this to be a particularly efficaceous way to process 
> SGML...

That is _exactly_ what we have to fix in XML.
XML must be amenable to bison and yacc, or similar tools.
(in practice you'd have to use flex or otherwise avoid lex, I suspect,
because of character set issues -- most implementations of lex are
not fully 8-bit clean, in that they swallow NUL)

The perl hacker's voice is loud.

If & prevents that, drop &.
If OMITTAG prevents that, drop OMITTAG (done already).