Re: B.10 Empty elements?

>   I think empty elements are needed, and that the <empty></empty> syntax
>is unnacceptable. I think we should ignore the BUGs in ESIS that reflect
>the view that empty elements are useful containers that _cannot contain
>anything_. Empty elements are useful for _point_ phenomena in a text. They
>identify a position in the text and attach properties to it (a good example
>being TEI milestones). This is an important kind of thing to describe, and
>is accordingly common.
>I think that in this case we can diverge to one of the NET syntaxes (I like
><point-tag/> myself). We are already going to have to explain that without

I am 100% in agreement here.

I am another one that would like to see regexps allowed for content
models, though I'd go further, and hope to be able to use regexps for
content and attribute value validation as well. Still, given the SGML
compatability rule, I guess this is out of the question....