Re: B.9 Formal system, public identifiers?

> >> >> What is the functionality you want from FSIs that you can't get from URLs?
> >> >
> >> >At least better opportunities for indirection.
> >> 
> >> How do FSIs offer this?  What makes you think URLs can't offer indirection?
> >
> >I didn't say that URLs don't offer indirection, only that there are
> >better opportunities with FSIs. With an FSI, I can add my own storage
> >object handler to pull the doc out of a DMS, for example. 
> Why can't you add a URL scheme to do this?  It's just as easy for an entity
> manager to recognize a URL scheme name and pass the scheme part off to some
> handler as it is for it to recognize a storage manager name and pass the SOI
> off to some handler.

Sure, but then the URL is just a dummy. Why force me to invent a scheme
like that? It's too messy. I like to have things that do what you expect
them to do. If it looks like a URL, it is a URL, and it should resolve
a URL. Trying to make it into something else is too much like server-side
includes, yeccchhh. I just can't see myself explaining to people: "Well,
true. It looks like a URL, but it is really this other thing...."