Re: B.9 Formal system, public identifiers?

James Clark wrote:

> I just counted the number of lines of code in the part of SP that handles
> external entities; I included just the URL and OSFILE storage mangers, and
> just the UTF-8 and Unicode encodings.  It was more than 5000 lines.  I don't
> see how we can possibly meet our goals for ease of implementation if this
> part of XML has this level of complexity.
> Don't get me wrong: I love FPIs and FSIs.  But I strongly believe this whole
> XML exercise is going to be a total waste of time unless we exercise extreme
> self-restraint in the features we put in XML, especially in version 1.0.

In my opinion, this is an especially strong argument against FPIs, FSIs, and 
external entities - in XML 1.0. They can be added in a subsequent version.