Re: B.9 Formal system, public identifiers?

At 11:14 15/10/96 -0700, Tim Bray wrote:
>At 06:24 PM 10/15/96 +0000, James Clark wrote:
>>I just counted the number of lines of code in the part of SP that handles
>>external entities; I included just the URL and OSFILE storage mangers, and
>>just the UTF-8 and Unicode encodings.  It was more than 5000 lines. 
>So this was just fSi, not fPi?

No, FPIs as well: I was counting the entity manager (which in SP only deals
with external entities) after removal of support for all encodings other
than UTF-8 and Unicode and for all storage managers other than URL, OSFILE.
I didn't count all the code in the parser proper for handling entity
declarations and references.