Re: B.11 Empty end-tags?

| At 09:35 AM 10/13/96 -0500, Len Bullard wrote:
| >Jon Bosak wrote:
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| >> This may not
| >> sound like much, but to a lot of people in the trenches, especially
| >> people facing deadlines, it's all the difference in the world.  I
| >> suspect that the same is true for people who build cgi-bin scripts and
| >> similar one-off lightweight processors.
| >> 
| >> Jon
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| >I concur with Jon.  Whatever space is saved by the empty end tag, it 
| >complicates the use of simple rewrite scripts and it makes it much
| >harder 
| >to read the instance.  Simpler scripts are important to making XML
| >usable.
| If there are no technical reasons for excluding them, then I don't see
| why we should. Whether or not an author chooses to use them is the
| decision that the author will make dependent on the situation. I'd hate
| to see us get into the business of protecting people from themselves.

Not from themselves; from each other.

A world in which I am guaranteed that any XML data from any source
will have no empty end tags is a different world from one in which I
have no such guarantee.