Re: B.11 Empty end-tags?

At 09:35 AM 10/13/96 -0500, Len Bullard wrote:
>Jon Bosak wrote:
>> This may not
>> sound like much, but to a lot of people in the trenches, especially
>> people facing deadlines, it's all the difference in the world.  I
>> suspect that the same is true for people who build cgi-bin scripts and
>> similar one-off lightweight processors.
>> Jon
>I concur with Jon.  Whatever space is saved by the empty end tag, it 
>complicates the use of simple rewrite scripts and it makes it much
>to read the instance.  Simpler scripts are important to making XML

If there are no technical reasons for excluding them, then I don't see
why we should. Whether or not an author chooses to use them is the
decision that the author will make dependent on the situation. I'd hate
to see us get into the business of protecting people from themselves.


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