Re: B.11 Empty end-tags?

On Sat, 12 Oct 96 18:51:57 EDT Liam Quin said:
>> B.11 Should XML forbid, allow, or require empty end-tags (7.5)?
>I would very much like to see them allowed in SGML itself, as this can
>greatly simplify document migration.
>If end tags are not required, it will be very difficult to handle
>empty elements in XML if there is no DTD; you don't want to do a
>lot of look-ahead if you're doing progressive display as data arrives.

For the record:  in the sense of this question, empty end-tags are
end-tags of the form '</>', not end-tags for EMPTY elements.

The possibility of end-tags for EMPTY elements is *also* up for
discussion, but it's question B.10, not B.11.