Re: A26: ANY keyword?

On Wed, 09 Oct 1996 01:58:45 -0500, Robert Streich <streich@slb.com> wrote:

>At 09:02 AM 10/7/96 -0400, Gavin Nicol wrote:
>>>>A.26 Like SGML, XML will allow elements to be declared ANY (11.2.4).
>>>Upon further consideration, I think I'll vote NO on this one.
>I don't see any need to keep it, so why not let it disappear? I agree with


1. It encourages unstructured DTDs. The objective of XML is to promote
2. It is an inclusion in disguise. XML has banned inclusions.
3. It can be replaced by an equivalent model group. An XML design principle is
to avoid redundancy.
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