First month of discussions available

For my own purposes, I have extracted from my mail archive everything
I received from the W3C SGML WG list during the month of September
(plus the very first message, which was sent at the end of August).
This is not in any way an official archive, just a copy of all the
messages I received from the W3C mail server during that period.  I've
tried to eliminate fragments of my private mail from the extract, but
there may very well be a few duplicates, and, of course, messages are
sometimes slightly out of order because of the order in which they
arrived at my site.  Some people may find this file easier to work
with than the official W3C archive.  It's available as a uuencoded zip
or gzip file about 411 KB in length (just under 300 KB when uudecoded,
just over 1 MB when unzipped).  Send me a private request if you would
like to be mailed a copy.