Re: A17: keep or drop entities?

| Where we are using entities for boilerplate text, we can 
| use typed hyperlinks.  For the network environment, it seems to me that 
| link types serve the purpose as well as entities, and in effect, 
| have the same results.  
| Can we discuss this subject without getting 
| into the issues reserved for the next phase?  Jon?

Insofar as you restrict the discussion to the question stated in A.17,
yes.  That question is:

   A.17 Should XML have entities, or not?

As long as we keep the discussion of hyperlinking sufficiently
abstract that we're speaking in hypotheticals for the purpose of
answering this question and not engaging in the design process we have
scheduled for the November-April time frame, no problem.  The first
paragraph quoted above is certainly well within acceptable bounds for
this phase of the discussion.