Re: A17: keep or drop entities?

Paul Prescod wrote:
> >
> >A.17 Should XML have entities, or not?
> We can divide entities into parse-time entities and application-request
> entities. We should probably discuss those separately, because they have
> very different characteristics, especially in a networked environment.

Two features of SGML that have been cited in the past as hypermedia-like 
have been notations and general entities.  In HyTime, these features 
have both been used and result in indirection.  To many, the amount 
of indirection appears to be artificial.  

Where we are using entities for boilerplate text, we can 
use typed hyperlinks.  For the network environment, it seems to me that 
link types serve the purpose as well as entities, and in effect, 
have the same results.  

Can we discuss this subject without getting 
into the issues reserved for the next phase?  Jon?

Len Bullard
Lockheed Martin

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