Re: A11: element content and mixed content?

>  On 9 October 1996, the ERB will vote to decide the following question.
>  A non-binding preliminary vote indicates the ERB is now leaning to Yes.
>  A.11 XML will retain the distinction between element content and mixed
>  content (7.6, 11.2.4).  (Applies only if DTD supplied and used.)

Has the idea of an optional DTD digest been completely abandoned,
i.e. an optional set of useful information from the DTD, such as
content type for non-element-only content tags and attribute default
(type)?  To retain SGML compliance this could be in the form of PIs,

<?XML EmptyElements PageBoundary Gap>
<?XML MixedContent P Quote S>
<?XML AttrDefault EnumTypeAttr1 value3>
<?XML AttrDefault Pointer CONREF>