Re: PNG Gets a Big Write-Up

At 04:27 PM 10/2/96 -0700, Jon Bosak wrote:
>Dan is a major supporter of SGML on the Web.  It is because of his
>untiring efforts that there is a DTD for HTML.  He is the SGML ERB's
>official liaison with W3C and monitors this effort as best he can
>given the demands of all the other W3C activities that he's
>responsible for.  The fact that he has not been uncritically accepting
>of every feature of ISO 8879 does not mean that he and the W3C are not
>supportive of this effort.

I didn't mean to imply that I didn't think he was supportive of the effort.
I just hope he will be supportive of the finished _product_. We are making
some fairly fundamental decisions here and he is going to have to try to
sell it to vendors. As so, it would be useful to have his input.

For instance, one decision or the other on internationalization or linking
might be inconsistent with W3C's directions.

 Paul Prescod