Re: RS/RE: basic questions

At 02:36 PM 10/2/96 -0700, Joe English wrote:
>This is not the *only* solution.  Another is to
>forbid whitespace in element content.  Yes!

>is to require that pseudoelements which contain
>nothing but whitespace be "escaped" with entity

I suggested this, but I am not convinced it is "understandable" enough.

>Still another (which nobody's mentioned
>yet for some reason :-) is to forbid *element* content,
>so that all whitespace becomes significant.

Lee Quin suggested that.

>The question is which of these options is the least
>unpalatable.  Personally, I find a solution that lets
>me author in SGML and run instances through a simple
>normalizer to be far more palatable than one that
>requires me to add black magic to my SGML declaration
>and all of my DTDs before I can publish XML.

So you are supporting _which_ proposal?

 Paul Prescod