Re: Shortrefs fatally flawed

At 3:10 PM 10/2/96, Paul Prescod wrote:
>At 01:58 PM 10/2/96 -0400, David G. Durand"  (David G. Durand wrote:
>>Yes, but how would feel about a compiler that said you can't use the
>>variable name "i" because it's needed to keep FORTRAN compatibility. It's
>>bad because it's an ad-hoc restriction with no internal justification in
>>terms of the structure of XML. (We're not using the RCS for names anyway,
>>if I understood the internationalization thread). I suppose we add some XML
>>non-NAMECHAR to the SGML delcaration, and use that in the element name.
>>Since that only makes the converted SGML ugly, I don't have a problem with
>So can we create an element named <">?
> Paul Prescod

Sure. Now the only problem is that if we implement quoting no-one will use
XML. But, the language will be well-defined, and will be inputable to SGML
software with the proper hacked declaration, and no other modifications. Of
course no SGML editor that I'm aware of will be able to produce XML output.
And since people will have to escape '"' in their documents anyway, there
won't be any collisions with '<"' sequences turning '<' into a delimiter in
context, in a valid XML document. (I think)

  -- David

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