Re: Shortrefs fatally flawed

At 01:58 PM 10/2/96 -0400, David G. Durand"  (David G. Durand wrote:
>Yes, but how would feel about a compiler that said you can't use the
>variable name "i" because it's needed to keep FORTRAN compatibility. It's
>bad because it's an ad-hoc restriction with no internal justification in
>terms of the structure of XML. (We're not using the RCS for names anyway,
>if I understood the internationalization thread). I suppose we add some XML
>non-NAMECHAR to the SGML delcaration, and use that in the element name.
>Since that only makes the converted SGML ugly, I don't have a problem with

So can we create an element named <">?

 Paul Prescod