Re: Combine RE/RS proposals?

At 11:53 PM 9/30/96 EDT, lee@sq.com wrote:
>If not, I think it looks odd enough that you might as well but the
>bullet and use RTF or TeX syntax,
>\p{this is line one
>this is line two
>this is line three}
>with no hint of backwards compatibility.

But this looks funny:

\p{this is} \em{line} {one}

Since the goal is to delimit the start and end of the significant text
content, this would be required.

>If you could have a top-level inclusion for #PCDATA,
>we would always be in mixed content, and the collapse-as-per-mixed-content
>rules would work fine in both SGML and XML.

Every table manipulation program in the world would have to manually strip
the spaces interpreted as content between table rows (or users would have to
know to not put spaces in).

 Paul Prescod