Re: Element content the real issue?...

lee@sq.com wrote:
> Joe English <jenglish@crl.com>
> > [...] How about the following
> > as a heuristic to distinguish element content from mixed content:
> >     3. If the only data appearing between two tags is a sequence of
> >        lexical SEPCHARs (including RS and RE), then it is deemed
> >        insignificant.
> <P><emph>That</emph> <strong>doesn't</strong> work.</P>
>                     ^-- you lose this space.

Yes: that's an example of a

>> [...] "true" pseudoelement[...]
>> that contain[s] nothing but lexical whitespace
>> [... and would] have to be escaped or entered as references

Are there any other cases where this heuristic fails?

--Joe English