Re: Combine RE/RS proposals?

> 1. No need to access a DTD to determine if an element is mixed content.
> 2. All REs and RSs are ignored -- full stop! (See, I'm internationalized :-)
> 3. Really easy parsing.
> 4. Much simpler to explain.

Will the obvious \" work as expected?

Does "string concatenation" work?
    "this is line one "
    "this is line two "
    "this is line three"

if so, it can probably be made to fly.
If not, I think it looks odd enough that you might as well but the
bullet and use RTF or TeX syntax,
\p{this is line one
this is line two
this is line three}
with no hint of backwards compatibility.

Then there is no problem.

But it all seems like overkill to me.

If you could have a top-level inclusion for #PCDATA,
we would always be in mixed content, and the collapse-as-per-mixed-content
rules would work fine in both SGML and XML.

So how about adding the possibility of +(#PCDATA) in SGML?