Re: More on RE/RS

> > We have
> > hundreds (thousands?) of tabular ASCII report options in various
> > software products. The documentation for that software naturally contains
> > samples of those reports. I just can't picture myself promoting a
> > language that requires people to go in and add markup to these examples.
> > I don't think I could even convince myself to use such a language.
> Then SGML, HTML and XML aren't for you. 

I'm sorry, but I don't see how you've arrived at this conclusion. SGML 
works quite well for us. I can use CDATA elements to contain the examples
and have yet to run into an ETAGO that has caused a problem. If there is
an ETAGO in the content, then there is a corresponding PCDATA element
so that we can markup the ETAGO (and any EROs or STAGOs that we now have
to be concerned about). All of our tools support some form of verbatim
formatting. So, it works just great.

> Quoting spaces is no harder than quoting & and <.

Somehow I think the frequency of spaces is slightly higher than occurrences
of '<' and '&'.