Re: More on RE/RS

> We have
> hundreds (thousands?) of tabular ASCII report options in various
> software products. The documentation for that software naturally contains
> samples of those reports. I just can't picture myself promoting a
> language that requires people to go in and add markup to these examples.
> I don't think I could even convince myself to use such a language.

Then SGML, HTML and XML aren't for you. 

The first SGML document I ever saw was a report about R&D.  There was a
declaration at the start,
	<!Entity D "">
that made the document parse.... :-)

But you'll probably need to do a better job than that.  So you'll need to
add markup.

Quoting spaces is no harder than quoting & and <.

If that's not feasible (and I know that it isn't always feasible), you may
have to stick
to text/plain.