Re: Current Status of Discussion on RE/RS Handling

At 01:01 AM 9/30/96 CDT, Robert Streich wrote:
>At 06:02 PM 9/26/96 CDT, Paul Grosso wrote:
>>> From: "W. Eliot Kimber" <kimber@passage.com>
>>> The rules we came up with are:
>>> An XML parser shall interpret white space and record ends in XML documents
>>> as follows:
>>> 1. All white space, including RS and RE, immediately following start tags
>>>    and immediately preceding end tags is not significant.
>>> 2. All other RS/REs are collapsed to a single space.
>>Do you mean this as stated, or do you mean all sequences of white space
>>consisting of RSs, REs, and spaces are collapsed to a single space?
>I was hoping to see a response to Paul's question, but hadn't seen one yet?

My understanding from the conference call is that we decided that we only
needed to collapse RS/REs--spaces we could leave alone, except as specified
in rule (1).

>I'm curious to understand how the proposal would address the white-space
>in the following snippet.
><ROOT ID="H502400" RL="AD">
>  <Q UM="EA">1.0000</Q>
>  <DWG S="D" PP="5" RL="AB">
>  <USES>
>    <REF PN="B018547" I="1">
>      <Q UM="">6.0000</Q>
>    </REF>
>    <REF PN="B013284" I="2">
>      <Q UM="">8.0000</Q>
>    </REF>
>    <REF PN="B018560" I="3">
>      <Q UM="">36.0000</Q>
>    </REF>

Using NSGMLS style output (and ignoring attributes):

There is *no* uncollapsed space in the example because, unless I've gotten
it horribly wrong, all the white space falls under rule 1.


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