Re: RS/RE: basic questions

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996 21:37:35 -0400, "David G. Durand" <dgd@cs.bu.edu> (David G.
Durand) wrote:
>The definition of "true content" presupposes that RE after markup should

>not be significant (the core of the confusion around the SGML RE rules).
>With that defintion in hand we can quickly come to the conclusion that
>SGML's RE/RS rules are necessary to return the true content.

No, the rule is that an RE *caused by* markup is not significant. By definition,
markup is that which is not data. Data is the true information. Therefore, an RE
that wouldn't be there if some markup weren't there isn't data and isn't true

To put it another way, you should be able to remove all the markup and get
exactly the same data as when the markup is present.
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