Re: Make DTDs optional?

Paul Prescod wrote:
> An Odd Idea

> Could you summarize?
> ====================
> I think that we should only require DTDs when DTDs are required. Which means
> that the requirement for DTDs should not be in the XML standard but in the
> standards built on top of it ("XML applications").
>  Paul Prescod

Actually, Paul, some systems have been doing this for some time.
Taking a simpler form of SGML and using it in "DTDless" ways 
has been done even without requiring a hardwired browser a la HTML.
One of the real nice things about XML will be that with just a 
nip and tuck here and there, some of these products will support 
it and we will be able to field them at low/no cost given that 
the decisions made in the next and final phases are well made.

len bullard