Re: Current Status of Discussion on RE/RS Handling

At 14:21 28/09/96 EDT, lee@sq.com wrote:
>Record is defined in
>4.252 as
>   normally corresponding to an input line on a text entry device.
>So if your SGML parser is reading input from what Unix calls a teletype,
>the line boundaries (terminated either by CR or LF depending on tty modes)
>are record boundaries.  If you are reading from a regular file,
>this definition does not apply.

Is there some sort of contest going on here to see who can find the most
ridiculous interpretation of 8879?

>At any rate, it seems to boil down to
>[1] must the parser generate RS and RE if they are not in the file?
>    7.6.1 talks about recognising RS and RE, not generating them;
>    so I think it should not.

This is a little confused.  An SGML parser operates on entities, not
directly on files.  It's the job of the *entity manager* to recognize the
lines in the file and generate an *entity* containing RS or RE which is then
processed by the parser.