Re: Current Status of Discussion on RE/RS Handling

At 02:39 PM 9/26/96 -0700, you wrote:
>An implication of the ERB's current RE/RS proposal just posted by
>Eliot is that extra spaces within the text of a paragraph (for
>example) would not be collapsed by this rule (though of course they
>could be by the application).  So people who have gotten into the
>habit of prettying up their source by indenting text (for example)
>will have to unlearn this habit if the receiving app isn't set up to
>collapse the extra spaces.

This is the same situtation as with HTML and SGML, right? In neither of
those would the parser collapse spaces. In either of those, spaces in a
verbatim element (like <PRE>) are retained.

Just as in HTML or SGML, the author will have to know their application to
know if "prettying up" is allowed in a particular element or not.

 Paul Prescod