Re: questions about entities and entity declarations

At 21:11 25/09/96 EDT, lee@sq.com wrote:
>> The ISO character entity *sets* are external entities, but the entity
>> declarations within them declare *internal* SDATA entities. They would
>> have to be redeclared as you say if we are to exclude internal SDATA
>> entities.
>I am probably being obtuse here, but how would I refer to (for example)
>a symbol that has no Unicode or ISO10646 code point?  For example, suppose
>I need an r-cedilla... in SGML I've used SDATA entities for that.

Use the 10646 private use zone.  We'll have to find some way to specify the
meanings of code points in the private use zone (maybe XML needs an
SGML-declaration equivalent that can do this); but with SDATA entities you
equally have to find a way to describe their meaning, so I don't think you
lose much by junking them.