Re: questions about entities and entity declarations

At 09:11 PM 9/25/96 EDT, lee@sq.com wrote:
>Long Note For Those Not Familiar With Pinnacles:
>    You use Pinnacles reflections as follows:
>    (1) create a source element with arbitrary content, and give it an ID
>    (2) have a reflection element that uses IDREF to point to the source ID.
>    (3) the application makes the source appear in place of the corresponding
>	reflection element wherever it appears.
>    One could use an architectural form to specify this behaviour.
>    I call them that because I first encountered them used in the PCIS
>    DTD for the Semiconductor industry that Tommie and Debbie and the
>    erstwil Atlis People wrote.
>    They are like entities that are parsed where they are defined instead
>    of where they are used, and are easier to support in some SGML editors
>    than the document fragment sort of entities that might be used instead.
>    I have never seen them used with TEI WSDs, but I think this is an
>    interesting possibility.

This is done via the conloc attribute in the all-id list in HyTime.
See 6.5.1 of the HyTime standard.


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