Re: questions about entities and entity declarations

> The ISO character entity *sets* are external entities, but the entity
> declarations within them declare *internal* SDATA entities. They would
> have to be redeclared as you say if we are to exclude internal SDATA
> entities.

I am probably being obtuse here, but how would I refer to (for example)
a symbol that has no Unicode or ISO10646 code point?  For example, suppose
I need an r-cedilla... in SGML I've used SDATA entities for that.

I'd be quite happy with an alternative.

For example, Pinnacles-style reflections combined with TEI Writing Sets
would do more than supplant SDATA entities, I think, as well as shaming
those HTML weenies into humble submission :-)  In fact, the Reflection
idea is generally very useful.

Long Note For Those Not Familiar With Pinnacles:
    You use Pinnacles reflections as follows:
    (1) create a source element with arbitrary content, and give it an ID
    (2) have a reflection element that uses IDREF to point to the source ID.
    (3) the application makes the source appear in place of the corresponding
	reflection element wherever it appears.
    One could use an architectural form to specify this behaviour.

    I call them that because I first encountered them used in the PCIS
    DTD for the Semiconductor industry that Tommie and Debbie and the
    erstwil Atlis People wrote.

    They are like entities that are parsed where they are defined instead
    of where they are used, and are easier to support in some SGML editors
    than the document fragment sort of entities that might be used instead.

    I have never seen them used with TEI WSDs, but I think this is an
    interesting possibility.