Newlines in element content (i.e TABLES)

At 09:38 AM 9/25/96 EDT, lee@sq.com wrote:
>I think this is an irrelevant point.
>A parser creates its own parse tree.  A parser that puts newlines in the
>parse tree (presumably as text nodes) will have them, and this will in no
>way affect a parser that does not put them there.  THe parse tree is an
>in-memory structure.
>In any case, ``Jane WebMeister'' is probably a human and has no need to
>look inside the software at the parse tree.

Well, Jane WebMeister might be concerned if a) some XML applications "eat"
the newlines-that-are-data between table sells, b) some dispay them and c)
some report the confusing data-between-cells as an error.

Let's be clear here: as I understand this proposal it is the absolute
opposite of Charles'. Instead of removing mixed content, it must either make
ALL CONTENT MIXED CONTENT or restrict all newlines in "element" content.
After all, a parser without a DTD doesn't know what is mixed content and
what is element content. As Charles pointed out, parsers will have a hard
time telling the true content from the source-formatting (unless we
absoutely restricted the source-formatting).

 Paul Prescod