Discussion of entities

To all who heeded my request to hold off discussing entities for a few
days: Thank you.  Well-known figures in the SGML field have compared
this kind of job to herding cats, but for a bunch of notorious
individualists you are proving to be a wonderfully cooperative group
of people.

I have told our co-editors, Michael Sperberg-McQueen and Tim Bray,
that the question of what can be discussed in this regard is up to
their judgement.  They have decided that they are ready to open up the
limited set of questions regarding entity structure and entity
declarations listed in Michael's posting titled "questions about
entities".  This discussion is clearly necessary for the production of
even a minimal XML specification.  I only ask that you all continue to
maintain a tight focus on the questions as stated and try not to
wander off into the Wilderness of Linking, which belongs to a later
phase of this effort.