Re: RS/RE: basic questions

At 02:22 PM 23/9/96 +0100, Paul Prescod wrote:

>* restrict marked sections similarly

>Second, are these restrictions acceptable? Are "Robert's Rules" simple enough?
>Finally, ar there any hidden costs to this approach?

What does it mean to restrict marked sections to element content? How would
an author know when they were permitted without detailed knowledge of the
DTD? Are we presuming only CDATA and RCDATA within an element, or are you
thinking in terms of ignored and included marked sections containing whole

If my model is <!ELEMENT x (a,b,c)>, where the subelements are defined as
<!ELEMENT (a,b,c) (#PCDATA|em)> and <!ELEMENT em (#PCDATA)>, which of the
following are valid?

<![INCLUDE[<a>This is a <em>bastardized</em> example</a>]]>
<b>This is an <em><![CDATA[<SGML>]]></em> example.
<![INCLUDE[This is a French markup tag: <em><![RCDATA[<example
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