Re: RS/RE: basic questions

[Incorporating James' feedback]

If we

* restrict PIs and comments to element content
* restrict marked sections similarly
* restrict inclusion exceptions to element content or, (more likely)
disallow them
* restrict mixed-content-models to "|"

then we can reduce the RS/RE handling rules to "Robert's Rules" ( =) ) of

In data content:
 1. If an element begins or ends with a newline [not entirely
    accurate, but this is what people see], the newline is ignored.
 2. Newlines inside markup are ignored.
 3. All other newlines are passed on.

First, does anyone else have revisions to these rules? Restrictions to add,
or complications I haven't forseen?

Second, are these restrictions acceptable? Are "Robert's Rules" simple enough?

Finally, ar there any hidden costs to this approach?

 Paul Prescod