Re: Element Structure for XML (Clause 7)

At 05:05 PM 9/12/96 -0400, Steven J. DeRose wrote:
I've been fortunate enough never to encounter a conflict in those
>self-assigned PI keywords -- anybody else actually hit one yet? (I'm not
>saying that would prove reliability, just good fortune or remarkable
>implementor restraint...)

The processing instructions used by Panorama to include style sheets and
navigators are generic enough that they could easily conflict: STYLESPEC,

I agree with Steve and Charles that the initial "PI keyword" is,
semantically, a notation name.  We could even propose a new public text
keyword for use in notation declarations: PROCINST, e.g.:

<!NOTATION Panorama PUBLIC "-//Synex AB//PROCINST Panorama control
instructions//NE" >

While I think PIs are a poor (if easy) way to do what Arbortext does, I
think Paul's argument that PIs exist and thus excluding them would cause a
lot of pain is a good one.  In the abstract, I agree with Martin that PIs
should be restricted to the prolog.


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