Re: XML vrs SGML tools [was Re: Capitalizing on HTML (was ...)]

Matthew Fuchs wrote:

> Oh, I don't doubt it and it couldn't be any other way - not everyone
> can rewrite the Web everytime they need a slightly different document
> - I was referring to the "worst case".  In fact, the Web is pretty
> much an example of that (shared DTD and mostly tweaking of 1
> [Mosaic/Netscape] stylesheet).  


> My point was that XML will not
> automatically make SGML as simple as HTML for either the browser or
> document writer.  There needs to be a compelling reason to develop a
> new DTD/stylesheet, which doesn't exist for Joe Homepage, after which
> easy distribution can enter the picture.  


> I think SGML will eventually
> push aside HTML for most Net applications.

Well, maybe not since there are other ways to do it using 
HTML and database servers, but, those ways don't necessarily 
improve processes, and people who need that could do that
cheaper with SGML.

Probably more dependably too.