Re: XML vrs SGML tools [was Re: Capitalizing on HTML (was ...)]

Matthew Fuchs wrote:

> On the writer side, the writer only need learn HTML and can have a
> fair idea of what the document will look like (esp. when there is only
> one main browser available).  But with SGML/XML, the writer must both
> find an appropriate doctype and an appropriate style sheet, or develop
> them.  This can be, in and of itself, as difficult as developing HTML
> and a browser from scratch.

What we found was they shared the stylesheets.  Look at Jon Bosak, et
DSSSL stylesheet for HTML in Jade.  Once written, it becomes a tweaking 
process.  Moreover, since the vast majority of documents are of the 
"box in a box in a box" variety, it is typically easy to adapt one 
stylesheet of that variety to another.  Reuse is actually quite high 
in SGML stylesheets.  This is exactly the same problem as using 
textures and materials in animation (VRML, etc).  This gets solved by 
freebie sites and low cost CD-ROM distribution.


len bullard

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