Re: Capitalizing on HTML

At 10:26 AM 09/19/96 -0400, Paul Prescod wrote:

>I think we should expect XML browsers quickly, but should not depend on XML

We might, however, get SGML editor vendors (most of whom are represented
here, so correct me if I'm wrong) to add a "Save as XML" feature -- most of
them are doing something close to that already, since they don't generally
minimize on output (if you're writing out SGML from a grove-like internal
representation, it's easier and maybe faster to write out all the tags than
to calculate whether any particular one is omissable).

Likewise, adding a "convert SGML to XML" filter to any existing SGML parser
looks pretty easy to me (it involves stuff like escaping more delimiters,
adding omitted markup, expanding shortrefs, etc -- a lot like the SGML
normalizer grail).