Re: Limited modified eclectism (was Re: Reads like ASCII)

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Gavin Nicol wrote:

> The point is that in your scenario, the entity manager must be smart
> enough to sniff at the data to figure out how to parse it. With
> MIME-SGML, SGML across HTTP, and other such things, it seems to me
> that most XML entity managers will be supporting MIME anyway...

Not the SGML entity manager when the XML file is read as SGML, since it
won't use the PI. It can just use the plain file as is, or be aided by
FSIs or whatever if needed.  (If there is no requirement that XML files
can be read directly as a (head-less) SGML instance, then I completely 
defer to you, by the way.)

The header that looks like a PI is trivial to convert into one that looks
like the MIME header. So a XML entity manager could implement reading
local XML files just by doing that header translation and submitting the
file to itself as a MIME type. So their needn't be a duplication between
MIME decoders and ones selectable by the PI. (Or, conversely, an XML entity
manager could convert an text/xml header into a PI if it that was more
convenient for the implementor.)

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