Re: XML and required DTDs

[Alex Milowski:]

| We have only talked (e-mailed?) about parsing documents without DTDs.  What
| are the ramifications of using a document without having parsed against a
| DTD?  What happens with HyTime?  DSSSL?  etc.
| We want useable information to come in the form of XML.  Is structured 
| information useful without knowing the structure?

These questions are certainly within the scope of the present discussion.

| BTW, if we have a date to end the current discussion, that means we have
| some kind of schedule.  Where might I find that?

Our kickoff letter set a date of October 6 for the point at which the
"voting booth" shuts down and ERB work on editing a draft begins.  Our
target date for completing the XML draft (not including specifications
relating to linking, entity management, hypermedia semantics, etc.) is
the first WG meeting on the evening of November 17 in Boston.  Beyond
that, we have tentatively targeted the Sixth World Wide Web Conference
in April, 1997 as the occasion for releasing a draft that addresses
the linking, entity management, and hypermedia issues, though that
date seems very ambitious for covering all three of those subjects.
We hope to have the entire set of specifications needed to implement
SGML on the Web completed by the SGML 97 conference.