Re: Courting Joe Homepage

> At 06:53 PM 17/9/96 +0100, William D. Lindsey wrote:
> > Web page authors will move to XML
> >because of the new things it lets them do, not because all they need
> >to do is replace "<HTML>" with "<HTXML>", and make sure they've
> >explicitly opened and closed all the elements. 
> >
> If Web page authors can't reference other web pages, or be referenced by
> them, without a seamless interface in their XML tools they will not care a
> fig for the extra things they can do with XML. At present XML is only likely
> to be of interest to corporations who specifically do not want their
> information made generally available on the Web. Joe Homepage will have to
> go elsewhere!

<SOAPBOX> <!-- sorry, but the details mean nothing without common goals -->

I have not had time to study all the issues that this argument impacts,
however, I believe that if the results of our efforts are only used by
large publishers/corporations we will have missed an opportunity to 
serve the greatest need.

When I look around at of the information trapped on the web in
presentational markup, aka HTML, I get depressed.  When written, most
authors are only responding to the pressure to get a page on the web
and viewable with the browser de-jour.  However, later I need to make
better use of that information and am unable to because of the complete 
lack of non-presentational semantics.  Please, XML must be able to 
improve the value of the millions of web pages.

Do we agree with this goal?
Dave Hollander

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