Re: Limited modified eclectism (was Re: Reads like ASCII)

One more point: even for gateways smart enough to rewrite the entity,
you then lose security because checksums etc. will fail.

>Me: it is better to have webserver smart enough to add MIME headers from
>looking at PI, then the files are nice SGML entities without processing
>You: it is better to have the MIME headers attached to the file, even
>if it means an SGML entity manager must be smart enough to strip them out.

The point is that in your scenario, the entity manager must be smart
enough to sniff at the data to figure out how to parse it. With
MIME-SGML, SGML across HTTP, and other such things, it seems to me
that most XML entity managers will be supporting MIME anyway...

>However, your comments about gateways changing encoding makes me think I
>have missed your point.  I had being taking (explicitly in baby SGML at
>least) the file as an array of octets self-labeled with
>encoding/charset info (e.g.  binary not text): so is the problem that
>type "text/xml" is inappropriate? 


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