Re: XML and required DTDs

From Jon Bosak:

> One thing at a time.  Right now we are talking about an application of
> SGML called XML that is designed for the transmission of extensible,
> structured data over the Web in a way that is easy enough to implement
> that we can get past the objections leveled at full SGML by the Web
> browser vendors.  Next comes hypermedia semantics and linking.
> Catalogs and fragment wrapping (an essential technology not on your
> list) are coming along nicely in SGML Open and don't need our
> attention at the moment.  DSSSL is already a standard and dsssl-o is
> shaping up solidly as the reference implementation approaches beta
> status.  We will need to visit DSSSL before this is all over, but that
> should probably come at the end of this effort.
> | Generic and extendible markup for use in distributed systems is a hard
> | problem.
> Right.  Which is why we have to keep the discussion focused on one
> task at a time.  This group has been given until October 6 to air all
> the (non-hypermedia) issues related to XML; I think the discussion so
> far has demonstrated that we will be doing very well to accomplish
> that.

I completely understand focusing the discussion on on thing at a time.  The
problem with this is that some decisions will have larger ramifications 
when we go to discuss the use of HyTime or DSSSL.  I would rather not
be in the position of saying: "Well, since we don't require a DTD, we
can't use HyTime" or whatever.

We have only talked (e-mailed?) about parsing documents without DTDs.  What
are the ramifications of using a document without having parsed against a
DTD?  What happens with HyTime?  DSSSL?  etc.

We want useable information to come in the form of XML.  Is structured 
information useful without knowing the structure?

BTW, if we have a date to end the current discussion, that means we have
some kind of schedule.  Where might I find that?

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