Re: Limited modified eclectism (was Re: Reads like ASCII)

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Gavin Nicol wrote:

> One more reason why this idea is BAD (Broken As Designed): email
> gateways and proxy servers *may* convert the encoding of the document
> blindly. Most gateways and proxies understand MIME headers, but very
> few understand how to parse, and rewrite the entity to correct the
> encoding label on the PI.

I thought:

Me: it is better to have webserver smart enough to add MIME headers from
looking at PI, then the files are nice SGML entities without processing
You: it is better to have the MIME headers attached to the file, even
if it means an SGML entity manager must be smart enough to strip them out.

However, your comments about gateways changing encoding makes me think I
have missed your point.  I had being taking (explicitly in baby SGML at
least) the file as an array of octets self-labeled with encoding/charset info
(e.g.  binary not text): so is the problem that type "text/xml" is

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