Capitalizing on HTML (was Re: equivalent power in SGML and XML)

At 11:56 AM 9/17/96 +0000, James Clark wrote:
>I don't need to use an XML browser to browse HTML; I've already got
>plenty of HTML browsers that do that just fine.

I'm not convinced that an XML system should be able to parse "valid" HTML
(there's so little of it anyway that it's probably a moot point), but 
there is a large community of people out there who are used to reading and
writing pointy brackets. If we alienate that group by putting in too many
"niceties" that result in a "That's STOOPID" comment (thank you, Len),
then what have you really gained over SGML? We already have good SGML
parsers (thank you, James, and others) and most of the problems that I have
with current SGML applications have little to do with their parsers.

If XML is to be anything more than just a stimulating mental exercise, it
has to be a relatively easy jump for any HTML author who isn't afraid to use
HoTMetaL, emacs, etc. to edit HTML. It's difficult enough to get most people
to make the leap away from display-oriented markup. If we add a lot of
restrictions or syntax oddities, we could make the jump downright undesirable.

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