Re: equivalent power in SGML and XML

Bill Lindsey wrote:

> Is it a design goal to ensure that some percentage of today's
> SGML documents are "grandfathered" in, or is it enough that the
> EE-ESIS translation is available?  If it is the former case,
> how do we decide which class(es) of documents shall be supported?

We can't support all of them, of course.  A lot of use of 
the *exotic* features of SGML has been made.  This is one 
issue where filtering is an acceptable solution.  I think 
we have to do as James Clark has suggested and be very 
stingy with the features we include.  Otherwise, we will 
be debating based on the size of the legacy.  While I understand the
realities of legacy, my experience has been that this 
argument has the effect of making one choose politics 
of investment and buttered bread.  This is slippery ground 
and one of the places where the *use real SGML* argument applies.

len bullard
lockheed martin